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Hi, I am Christos

Christos Dalamagkas

Freelance Researcher

I am a researcher and ICT engineer with experience in Horizon Europe research programes


Technical Skills


Contractor / Researcher
Public Power Corporation S.A.

May 2018 - Present, PPC Innovation Hub, Athens, Greece

PPC is the largest energy producer and energy retailer in Greece.


External Collaborator / Research Assistant
University of Western Macedonia

May 2018 - Present, Kozani, Greece



May 2018 - Present, Athens, Greece

IEK ALFA is a vocational school in Greece.

  • Computer Networks
  • Network Security
  • Mobile Networks
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Communications
  • Network Administration
  • Object-Oriented Programming (C++)
  • Telecommunications


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
CGPA: 92 out of 100
M.Eng. in Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering
CGPA: 8.2 out of 10
Extracurricular Activities
  • Teching Fellow for Computer Networks, Computer and Network Security, Network Design, Event-driven simulation.
  • Video editing for the course "Parallel and Distributed Systems" using MeGUI and Sony Vegas Pro.

Projects and Publications

Design of Market Mechanism for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation on XG-PON
Author Nov 2017

My diploma thesis which was submitted to fulfill the requirements for receiving the B.Eng. in Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering.

SDN Dashboard
Leading Developer Jul 2020 - Present

An innovative Django-based dashboard that provides a user-friendly interface to retrieve, monitor and edit network flows from SDN switches as well as to view the network topology in real time.

Lectures for the University of Western Macedonia
Author 2020 - 2021

Lectures on SDN/NFV, game theory and smart grids, delivered for the University of Western Macedonia.

Lectures on Computer Science for Vacational Schools
Author 2018-2019

Lectures on Computer Networks, Cybersecurity, Operating System, Data Communications, Mobile Networks and Telecommunications for Vocational schools. Delivered successfully at IIEK ALFA.

Network Design ciriculim
Author Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

Author of original educational material and laboratory exercises for the course “Network Design” that involves routing and switching on Cisco and Mikrotik devices.

NeighborJoining App
Developer Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

Java app that aligns multiple DNA sequences (using the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm) and creates their phylogenetic tree, using the Neighbor-Joining algorithm. Fully functional Swing GUI included.

Dynamic scheduling in TWDM-PONs using game theory
Author 2018

C. Dalamagkas, P. Sarigiannidis, S. Kapetanakis and I. Moscholios, “Dynamic scheduling in TWDM-PONs using game theory”, Optical Switching and Networking, Dec. 2017, DOI:10.1016/j.osn.2017.12.004.

PAS: A Fair Game-Driven DBA Scheme for XG-PON Systems
Author 2018

C. Dalamagkas, P. Sarigiannidis, I. Moscholios, T. Lagkas and M.S. Obaidat, “PAS: A Fair Game-Driven DBA Scheme for XG-PON Systems”, 11th International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks, and Digital Signal Processing, Jul. 2018, 10.1109/CSNDSP.2018.8471787

A Survey On Honeypots, Honeynets And Their Applications On Smart Grid
Author 2019

C. Dalamagkas et al., A Survey On Honeypots, Honeynets And Their Applications On Smart Grid," in 2019 IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft), 2019. DOI: 10.1109/NETSOFT.2019.8806693.

Game Theoretic Honeypot Deployment in Smart Grid
Author 2020

P. Diamantoulakis, C. Dalamagkas, P. Radoglou-Grammatikis, P. Sarigiannidis, and G. Karagiannidis, “Game Theoretic Honeypot Deployment in Smart Grid,” Sensors, vol. 20, no. 15, p. 4199, Jul. 2020. DOI: 10.3390/s20154199.